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A reportage with JETRO: Supporting and encouraging foreigners who work and wish to work in Japan

This time, we had the pleasure to talk with the staff from JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization), which is in charge of encouraging and supporting foreigners in Japan especially when it comes to finding work here. JETRO’s missions are diverse and include “Investments from overseas to Japan”, “Support for exporting Japanese agriculture, forestry and fishery…

Nagano’s Manufacturing Industry: 1 in 31 workers are Foreigners

The sound of heavy machinery, repeating the same task again and again, fills the air. On conveyor belts lie white-like-snow enoki mushrooms, taken from the cultivation room next door. From there, workers hand pick the best ones and with the help of machines, fill cardboard boxes waiting to be shipped. K.I. Ogiwara Factory and Its…

Finding work in Japan: Exposing the Dark Side of Getting a Job in Japan

This article is about my experience as a teacher in Japan and about Kindergartens here. In my previous articles I talked a bit about how I managed to get a job in Japan, visas, procedures and my training in Shizuoka. For part one of this article series, check here: Finding work in Japan: Positive and…